Screaming, Crying, Laughing, I do it all….

Ah, the ablilty to try on clothes next to a window at The Big Joules Sale Newmarket

Ah, the ablilty to try on clothes next to a window at The Big Joules Sale Newmarket

Sometimes, I like to scream, I like to really scream, I mean scream from the bottom of my stomach. I like to do it when nobody else is around in the privacy of my own car, usually driving on the dual carriage way. I find it therapeutic. I find it the best way to let go, to relinquish control, to be able to say, (in not so many words) that I need a release, an outlet.

Other times, I like to cry, again, I cry from the bottom of my stomach and when nobody is around, I sob. I cry because I am grateful, blessed and yet, I have pain. I have a yearning to see people smile. I spent quite a few years unhappy, lost in a downward spiral. I felt completely out of control of the choices that I had made and continued to make. Life is very different now!

Still other times I like to laugh, I like to laugh at my mistakes, my crazy thoughts, my quirky habits, but most of all I like to laugh at my successes. At work, I am known as the eccentric, slightly chaotic one, who can laugh at her own chaos. I like to see people smile, I do. Which is why I do the job I do.

I might not be great at the paperwork, I might not be the best at filling, or at adding data to a spreadsheet, or getting more positive discharges than any of my work colleagues, but the one thing, I think I am good at, and the sole reason I do the job I do is that I believe in my clients, I have a heart felt love for anyone who is trapped in addiction and needs help in finding their way out. Whether that is by joining a 12 step fellowship, gaining access to residential rehab, or just coming to sit in the office with me, have a cup of tea and talk.

I have muttered enough, I really should now get on with the work that I love doing!




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3 thoughts on “Screaming, Crying, Laughing, I do it all….

  1. Bianca Tarbet-Keeble February 11, 2013 at 11:44 am Reply

    Just thought I had better add that eating is another thing I do!!! Having just munched my way through a ham and cheese panini and two pears, one banana and its not even midday yet!

  2. Susan Claydon February 11, 2013 at 7:43 pm Reply

    I think we would get on…………..I too love making people happy whether it be the children I work with or the adults with learning difficulties. If I can make a difference to someones day…it makes my day. I also love eating!!!!

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