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I am outing myself…. I shop in Lidl, and I am proud of it!

ussedI am jet lagged fueled, slightly preoccupied with returning to work tomorrow, surrounded by piles of laundry, (both washed and unwashed). I do however have a tan, and potentially a new career option! Noah is tucked up in bed, Neal is busy doing work in the dinning room.  I need chocolate, not any chocolate you understand, but a specific Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Fruit and Nut. You see that way, I can fool my self that I am getting one of my five a day!

So it is a new year and a wonderful start we had, lots of celebrations, two birthdays, a retirement, a clean time anniversary and a fantastic two week holiday in the Caribbean, cruising on  Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas. The year a head for us, is one of change, we are on a mega money saving jaunt, as well as a lets eat less and move more campaign. Now please here me when I say this, I love food, I love buying it, cooking it, presenting it and eating it. But I have over indulged in the last month or two. Mr Grump and I have decided to join a spinning class one a week!!! Watch this space! As for the money saving, my food bill was becoming ridiculous, I was spending around £120 a week in Tescos. I swapped to Sainsburys and then Asda and Morrisions. all the time my food shop a month was just under £500. So I tried Lidl, yes you do not get as much choice, but how many different brands of biscuits do I need to look at before opting for their own brand Rich Tea? Yes some times I come away having not purchased what I wanted but have always be able to find a substitute. And it is CHEAP, I mean really CHEAP. My shopping bill came to £67 today! whoop de whoop!!!!

My head is becoming increasingly fuzzy as I think of all the things I need to do, like returning all the clothes are accidentally ordered from Next online, pay this years car tax, send the car insurance company my no claims bonus. update the travel section of this blog with the wonderful adventure of cruising in the Caribbean (have I mentioned how totally amazing it was, and how we are absolutely going again, even Mr Grump smiled, in fact he stated on more than one occasion it was the best holiday ever. It might be the fact, we actually got time to do what married couples do when children aren’t around! hey hey, not that, I meant we got dressed up, headed to the casino for a wild night of virgin cocktails and slot machines! And yes maybe we did the other too!

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