It is a rant…it is, I know it is, but I am ranting! I am ranting because people annoy me, I annoy me! Everything annoys me today! Maybe I should have stayed in bed longer, maybe I should have drunk more coffee, eaten more cake, counted my blessings and not my pennies. But some days, well some days I want to scream not at anyone or anything in particular but just scream. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a designated place in every town you could go to and just scream. I mean really scream, grit your teeth, clench your fists and scream. Then just walk away, nodding perhaps at others who had just found that experience cathartic too and carry on with the rest of your day!

Today, at work I made the fatal mistake of “popping” into M&S at lunch time, big mistake. Too many people stopping and staring at the food, comparing the all butter mince pie to the lattice topped one. People please, just pick up what you want and more on. Starbucks was quieter, but I think that is because most people are still boycotting them for the tax scandle. I am in principle, that is to say I have not actually paid for a coffee in there since the scandle broke out. Not sure if that still counts though as my friend paid for it today!

I think the main thing I am annoyed at today, is me though. I had a pile of work to day, emails to get through and yet the day seems to have flown by with other things getting in the way. I am at a Recovery Event tomorrow, which I am really excited about, but it the back of my mind, I am thinking I could do with a day just catching up. I am so not prepared to Christmas, I have not even started buying presents yet, let alone sending cards, whats more I am expecting around 100 people at ours for a drinks party on Christmas Eve and I have only just sent the invitations out! Disorganised? me? always!

I have just got off the phone from my friend and as she hung up she said “I love you, your f***ing mad, but I love you” I guess that pretty much sums me up today. Other than Noah is a king in the nursery nativity play this Saturday and he is determined to go as Spider Man.



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